Scientific papers

  • BEZAULT É, BALARESQUE P., TOGUYENI A., FERMON Y., ARAKI HITOSHI, BAROILLER J.-F. & ROGNON X., 2011. Spatial and temporal variation in population genetic structure of wild Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) across Africa. Bio Med Cent. BMC Genetics, 12:102-
  • MEUNIER F.J., KEITH P., FERMON Y., LE BAIL P.-Y., PRUVOST P. 2011. Les peuplements ichtyologiques des marais et de la riviere de kaw (guyane française) (inventaire et biogeographie). Cah. des naturalistes, 57(3/4) : 55-76.

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For over 20 years, various government agencies (WHO, CIRAD, IRD, MNHN) and non-governmental agencies (AAA, ACF, MDM, ASUR, AIMARA) have used my skills in different areas listed above. The reader can find on this site the links to main agencies and their acronyms. In most cases, these are multi-disciplinary approaches that have been performed regarding subjects and sometimes under difficult logistic conditions, in countries recovering from periods of insecurity and crises.

      These interventions, alone or in teams, have been conducted mainly in tropical Africa and French Guiana, always with local institutional development of training and capacity building.

     All results were published in articles, books and reports and presented at various meetings (conferences, symposia and congresses) that the reader may find the list on the site. These insights have also been made available for public exhibitions.


The various studies and work that I had performed allowed me to address various topics related to issues of management and the measurement of biodiversity for sustainable use of renewable natural resources.roblématiques de la gestion et de la mesure de la biodiversité en vue de l’utilisation rationnelle des ressources naturelles renouvelables.

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Dissemination of knowledge

Public exhibitions:

  • Switzerland. « Allolaterre.cata» with the Association Haplochromis. Museum of Natural History of Geneva – 2007 à 2008
  • France. «Piranha enivrés». Collect and delivery of live specimens from French Guiana to metropolitan MNHN Aquarium du Palais de la Porte Dorée – 2004
  • France. «Îles, vivre entre ciel et mer». MNHN – 1997

    Conférences and initiation training:

  • Association France Cichlid
  • Association Haplochromis
  • Association Gtroph
  • Training to initiation in ichthyologie. MNHN
  • Organisation of a national congress on water, health and fishery and aquaculture freshwater resources in Liberia with ASUR, the Ministry of Agriculture of Liberia, FAO and the Cuttington University.


  • CD Rom on « Extinct and endangered species by man. Life-threatening ». MNHN under the hospices of l’UNESCO with EMME.

  • Implementation with O. Berthelot of a web site on the lake Victoria and on «haplochromines» Cichlidae. Association Haplochromis.