Dissemination of knowledge

Public exhibitions:

  • Switzerland. « Allolaterre.cata» with the Association Haplochromis. Museum of Natural History of Geneva – 2007 à 2008
  • France. «Piranha enivrés». Collect and delivery of live specimens from French Guiana to metropolitan MNHN Aquarium du Palais de la Porte Dorée – 2004
  • France. «Îles, vivre entre ciel et mer». MNHN – 1997

    Conférences and initiation training:

  • Association France Cichlid
  • Association Haplochromis
  • Association Gtroph
  • Training to initiation in ichthyologie. MNHN
  • Organisation of a national congress on water, health and fishery and aquaculture freshwater resources in Liberia with ASUR, the Ministry of Agriculture of Liberia, FAO and the Cuttington University.


  • CD Rom on « Extinct and endangered species by man. Life-threatening ». MNHN under the hospices of l’UNESCO with EMME.

  • Implementation with O. Berthelot of a web site on the lake Victoria and on «haplochromines» Cichlidae. Association Haplochromis.